Allen West: The Indianapolis Colts Are 0-12 Because Life Isn't Fair

Rep. Allen West is still talking about President Obama's speech in Kansas last week, this time explaining that reputable institutions such as the NFL are based on the "American principle of equal opportunity," not the president's idea of "fairness."

Apparently, if Obama were the NFL commissioner, West thinks that Obama might consider taking some wins away from the 12-0 Green Bay Packers and give them away to the 0-12 Indianapolis Colts.

But life isn't fair, West explains, which is apparently why the Colts suck.

Of course, this is another gem from West's weekly newsletter, where he occasionally drops off some gems of wisdom:

Mr. President, life isn't fair, which is why the Green Bay Packers are 12-0 and the Indianapolis Colts are 0-12, but do not expect NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to take wins from Green Bay and give them to the Colts. However, next year Indianapolis will get the first round draft pick and that is the difference in the American principle of equal opportunity and yours, Mr. President, of equal achievement and "fairness."

All the teams get a first-round draft pick, but who's counting?

Either way, West for commish?

Click here to read his newsletter in full.

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