Allen West Thinks a Lobbying Organization Is a Government Agency

Rep. Allen West is looking for cuts to make in the federal government to spare the defense budget, so he thinks there's no reason for the Department of Commerce to exist since there's a lobbying group with a similar name.

West seems a bit confused on this one.

He says we need to take a hard look at subsidies from the Department of Agriculture, the effectiveness of the Department of Energy, and why the Department of Commerce exists if there's already a lobbying group called the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Let's roll the tape:

Hat tip to

Political Correction

for watching Fox News this morning, because it's not every day that a congressman asks why the country hasn't replaced government agencies with lobbyists.

"Why do we have a Department of Commerce when we have a U.S. Chamber of Commerce?" West asked.

Well, congressman, we probably have the Department of Commerce to handle the Patent and Trademark Office, the Census Bureau, the International Trade Administration, and about a dozen other offices.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce may possibly be the biggest lobbying spender in the country and has an entire page on its website dedicated to all the controversies surrounding it.

Or, as West called them on Fox News this morning, "failed, duplicative [government] programs" contributing to the "bureaucratic nanny state."


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