Allen West To Debate A Muslim. (But What About Us?)

Allen West's latest town hall confrontation with a Muslim ended very differently from his last one. In the last one, West was taken by surprise by Nezar Hamze, who wanted to ask the notorious Muslim-baiter precisely where Qur'an demands the murder of Americans and/or innocents. West turned hostile, delivered a brief rhetorical smack-down, and told his interlocutor to "go home."

Not this time! At this town hall meeting, West was polite, and even shushed his audience when they tried to boo the Muslim away from the mic. Check out the video after the jump.

Lookit that! That was Tuesday night, and I'm proud of both Allen West and his interlocutor. (I don't yet know his name. I'll post it when I find out.) The interlocutor had questions; West answered politely; a debate was proposed, and both sides agreed. West's interlocutor seemed genuinely grateful. No matter what one thinks of the beliefs of the involved parties, it's hard to deny that this is a wonderful demonstration of how conflicting ideas ought to be hashed over in an open democracy. Love it! I hope it happens.

One thing, though. Allen West already has a commitment to a debate. With me. Still waiting on a date and time.

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