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Allen West Wants Your Money for Next Generation, a Podcast He Made with Pals in his Parents' Rec Room

For former House Reps, especially for ones with as recognizable a brand as Allen West, life post-Congress should be a pretty cush gig. Someone out there will pay to hear you talk ($$), or to talk to a TV camera ($$$), or even to talk to your old pals on the Hill in the interest of some earth-maiming industrial concern ($$$$$$). Opportunity is everywhere.

But Ol' Allen has different ideas. He wants you to pay him to talk right back to you. West recently announced he will soon be hosting a online TV show called "Next Generation." The spots will be produced by PJ Media.

"Through Internet TV, social media, live events, outreach programs and newsletters, NextGeneration.TV will be a rallying place where grandparents, parents, and children can come to learn about the challenges facing our nation and to offer possible solutions for a prosperous future," West wrote in a statement on the company's web site. He'll share the platform with co-host Michelle Fields.

Oh, you also have to pay to play: access to Next Generation ranges from 5 bucks a month to a $170 year package. Not too pricey, but we're still a little confused about what you're paying for.

There are not a lot of available details or specifics about what news consumers can expect from Next Generation. In fact, what's truly shocking about the concept and its sales pitch is
just how incredibly devoid of details or specifics it is.

Go ahead,
watch the video, and tell us what the hell they're saying. Are they
saying anything? If you ran through that script with a red pen striking
out every empty cliche, platitudinous statement, or place-holder idea,
you'd have toilet paper. This is the kind of cliche-diarrhea Orwell said would signal the coming of a fascist state -- which, given some of West's politics, doesn't seem too far off.

Which is why it's strange to hear West muddle incoherent corporate-speak. An Allen West
tossing around blow-dried cliches is really not living up to the Allen
West Myth. This guy is a loose cannon, an Aeolian harp voicing whatever
batshit crazy idea is currently surfing the ether.

You offer that up for sale, you might actually get some takers. In fact . . . Allen, if you're interest, get in touch . . . crazy is where the real money is, we promise.

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