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Allen West: Where Was Your Leadership in Opposing the Payroll Tax Deal?

Whenever we point out the quirks of Rep. Allen West, there's always some dissent from his fans. In his defense, his supporters typically point out the leadership quality they see in the congressman.

West was given a chance to be a leader this past week, as he's opposed the two-month extension of the payroll tax cut from the get-go.

When it was thought that there would be a vote on the issue, West issued a statement affirming that he'd vote against what he's called a "short term fix."

"I will not be voting for this short term fix when it comes to the floor of the House of Representatives," West said on December 17. "I will only vote to reaffirm the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act as passed by the House of Representatives."

Shortly after 10 a.m. on Friday, that payroll tax extension passed in the House by unanimous consent.

The House Committee on Rules says anyone can object to a request for unanimous consent, which would have essentially forced a vote in this situation.

By not objecting, West became part of that unanimity -- all he offered was a Facebook post stating that he still wasn't on board with what he and his fellow representatives consented to:

The conference lasted less than 15 minutes and we were not allowed to ask questions. We were told that by unanimous consent the House will pass the Senate Amendment with a correction to the new payroll reporting procedures. Harry Reid agreed to appoint conferees but we were not told any timeline for this move.

I cannot support this, but it seems the politics of demagoguery have won over policy and principle with the concession to enact tax policy on two-month basis.

This is a sad day for America and further evidences our continuing decline. Men and women of principle are become a dying breed in this Republic...

If West were the leader he swears to be, he would've brought the Democrats and the Republicans to the House floor to vote on the matter.

Instead, we're left with more ramblings out of the megaphone from South Florida.

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