Allen West's Half-Marathon: Slower Than Sarah Palin, but Slightly Faster Than Oprah

Rep. Allen West completed the half-marathon at the Palm Beaches Marathon Festival this weekend at a time that places his half-marathon ability somewhere between Sarah Palin and Oprah.

West was showing off the thighs during the race -- possibly NSFW picture can be found here -- cruising to a final time of 2:05:49, just a little over a minute shy of the 74-year-old gentleman who won the 70-and-over age group.

After the race, West announced he was "doggone tired" and also dropped an "lol" in his Facebook status.

"Ran 1/2 marathon in Palm Beach Marathon this am," West said. "At 50 yrs old I'm still keepin' up, but I'm doggone tired, going to rest & take aspirin lol."

West's time was almost 20 minutes slower than Palin's last half-marathon, which the 47-year-old ran unannounced in Iowa in September.

Former President George W. Bush, more of a marathon kind of guy, has a personal-best time in a full marathon of 3:44:52 -- a much faster pace than West's.

Still, West is faster than Oprah was in her prime. We could find only one half-marathon time for Oprah, who was clocked at 2:16 back in 1993, almost a full ten minutes slower than the congressman.

In other West-related news, he also posted to his Facebook about the whole Herman Cain situation, apparently unhappy we all repeated what he said and -- again -- invoking a theory involving "black men":

The media is trying to put me against Herman Cain. I guess its good for them to see two black men against each other. The facts are I am not telling Cain to step down. That is his decision and his only. What I said is the media focus on these incidents and "alleged affairs" are a distraction, and we as a country need to move on from this subject and get the focus on what the GOP contenders can seriously do for this country.

In his weekly newsletter, he noted that Americans are being treated like mushrooms -- "kept in the dark and fed crap."

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