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Allen West's Motion to Impound Ballots Denied

The Allen West schadenfreude continues on the Pulp today! 

Palm Beach County Circuit Court Judge David Crow has denied U.S. Rep. Allen West's motion to impound ballots and voting machines from his loss to Patrick Murphy in the District 18 congressional race.

Crow ruled that West's motion was "premature" because official results haven't even been posted yet (NEWS FLASH: YA LOST, WEST).

Basically, the judge told West and his lawyers that the court is not a place to set election procedures, because that's what elections are for.

Meanwhile, they're still counting the votes in the elections office, and Murphy still leads by 2,159 votes. And it doesn't look like West will be catching up, no matter how many times votes are counted.

Because of math, you see.

West's lawyers have argued that the recount is necessary because West was leading Murphy on Tuesday night, and then he wasn't.

Again, math might be the culprit here!

One of West's attorneys told the Palm Beach Post that "we're very happy" because a lawyer for the Palm Beach County elections office gave assurances that the process will be transparent.

Murphy's attorney, Gerald Richman, called the whole fiasco "a political stunt."

So does this mean West is done complaining and wasting the court's time?

Probably. Nothing on the horizon says that the count will change and that Murphy's lead will dissipate.

Sorry, Colonel West:

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