Allen West's Wife Claims the Congressman Likes Four Gay People

Rep. Allen West's wife, Angela, gave a sermon titled "tolerance" on her Facebook page last night, in response to the Wilton Manors Business Association's canceling the congressman's appearance due to his controversial views of homosexuality.

Angela West says if they actually would have let her husband speak at the event, they would have found out how much the congressman loves four gay people he knows.

"...if tolerance were to be achieved by an evening of discussion, it would have been discovered that Congressman West's close relative is gay and married to his partner --- we love and adore them both," Angela West writes. "It might have been interesting to meet a good fellow soldier, Sgt. Tammy Barnwell and her partner Lydia. They all served together with the Congressman in the Middle East."

Is Rep. West's gay and married relative an "oxymoron"?

Is Sgt. Barnwell one of the gay soldiers West said would "break down the military"?

Or should she change her "behavior"?

Angela West makes a few statements about why her husband should have been able to speak before his constituents but apparently doesn't understand the point.

"Sometimes it might be better to listen," she writes. "Perhaps it has become so important to brand people, especially in politics to make sure that you have someone to vilify and hate."

Maybe it's because his constituents have been listening to his antigay speak that explains why they don't want him there.

Angela West then makes the suggestion that her entire family is banned from the Wilton Manors neighborhood, which is a curious thought.

"I suppose we as a family will also be prohibited from visiting the realtor we have been working with, eating the passion fruit gelate [sic] and our daughters banned from finding those cute, quirky little clothes at the thrift store on the main street," she says.

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