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Alligator Alley Ambulance Will Remain for at Least One More Year

Last week, we told you about how you needed to go ahead and not crash on Alligator Alley, because Broward was going to discontinue its one ambulance service into the stretch of highway due to budget cuts.

Well, good news. You can crash on Alligator Alley all you want now, but only for a year.

After that, no one knows.

Ah, budget cuts that keep things together for a year. How you're like a warm cup of soup that's been peed in!

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Broward Sheriff Scott Israel says the $1 million that was going to be slashed to remove the ambulance has now been freed up.

Apparently, the information technology project the BSO had planned has been delayed, which means they will now use the money originally slated for computers to go ahead and save people if they should have a serious car accident.

The budget calls for one year of use, Israel said. And the million bucks that will eventually go to the information technology project is still a go. Israel says the project is "critical."

As critical as saving people's lives? Meh. That's a bit murky, it appears.

Still, it's good news -- at least for the time being.

Firefighter union leader Walter Dix of the International Association of Fire Fighters was elated when he heard the news Tuesday.

"I think it's the right decision,'' he said, "and it will save a lot of lives.''

So, for now, the one stretch of highway in South Florida with the least amount of lighting, where people statistically travel way past the speed limit, and where alligators, panthers, and snakes reside just off to the side of the road will continue to have ambulance service.

When 2014 rolls around, probably not.

So better to get all your accidents on the Alley out of your system now before the year is up.

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