Alligator Attacks Hollywood Handler During Routine

An 800-pound alligator being handled by a Native Village Wildlife Sanctuary handler decided it wasn't going to be anyone's monkey and bit the man on the arm over the weekend.

Will Nace, 22, a volunteer handler at the sanctuary located in Hollywood, was lucky to survive the bite with a broken arm and lacerations.

Nance was performing a "lunge alligator" trick, where he stands in front of a gator and taps it on the nose. Without much warning, the 13-foot gator changed up the routine a bit and thought that maybe biting the guy tapping his nose would be a better trick.

During the routine, Nace's hand was right in the gator's face when it lunged and chomped down on it.

Nance says the gator bent his hand backward and bit down, ripping open his flesh from the palm of his hand to the middle of his arm and breaking it in two places.

The gator then pulled Nance down into the water and went into a death roll.

Fortunately for Nance, he handles getting bitten by an 800-pound alligator who wants to eat him a bit differently from how most of us would.

Nance rolled with the gator and held it off with his free hand, keeping his head the entire time.

Nace told WSVN he was never afraid. "My mind was 100 percent on getting out of his mouth," he said.

He then chalked up the attack to his "not being on my A game," shifting the blame to himself rather than the gator.

We're sure the gator appreciates it.

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