Alligator That Attacked Old Woman Was Shot in the Head, Likely Hit by Car, and Is Finally Dead

An alligator that wildlife officials believe attacked a 90-year-old woman last week before being shot in the head -- and possibly hit by a car -- was finally captured yesterday and euthanized.

Margaret Webb was attacked by the alligator on Wednesday near her Copeland, Florida, home, and although her life was likely saved after a passer-by was able to shoot the gator, her leg was still amputated below the knee.

Gabriella Ferraro of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission tells the Pulp that although they're not 100 percent certain the alligator they caught was the same one that attacked Webb, there were several factors identifying it as the one -- including a bullet hole between the gator's eyes.

Ferraro says that aside from the bullet hole, the eight-foot gator was also moving very lethargically, and some evidence showed that it was fairly likely the creature also survived being hit by a car.

After being caught by a trapper, though, the alligator was quickly euthanized.

The FWC may never know for sure if it was the same gator, but Ferraro says, "We strongly believe this is the suspect alligator."

Local news reports say Webb was recently upgraded to serious condition at Lee Memorial Hospital.

The FWC says six unprovoked gator attacks were reported statewide last year.

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