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Already, South Floridians Are Drama King and Queen of MTV Brooklyn

J.D. (second from left) and Katelynn (wincing in the middle) are already stars off-screen.

MTV probably has a cash money prize for which ever Real World cast member stirs up the most shit before the show actually begins (sigh, Real World Brooklyn debuts January 7). If so, our two South Floridians have opened up big leads on their castmates.

Manhattan media blog Gawker is still circling a rumor that the gay cast member, J.D., a dolphin trainer from Miami Beach, may have snogged the not-quite-officially gay CNN personality Anderson Cooper. I'm pretty sure this is a feat J.D. should be proud of?

West Palm Beach native Katelynn hasn't been a woman for long, but she's already got that diva thing down. Here's a link to her livejournal, whose current concern is telling the "intellectual degenerates" in the media she doesn't care what they think of her. Yep, she's going through the pretend-to-not-crave-attention phase of her fame. Careful, Katelynn. Next is the chemical-addiction-for-attention phase.

-- Thomas Francis

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Thomas Francis

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