Amateur Actors, Professional Thieves Perform a Lucrative Skit at Broward Gas Station

I guess it's too much to expect aspiring actors to make their money the honest way, by performing Hamlet on the sidewalk, where passersby could put a tip in a jar. Rather, they're plying their trade in a North Lauderdale Mobil station, where on Memorial Day a three-man troupe created a dramatic diversion that allowed one of their players to sneak into the manager's office to grab some cash.

The performance is captured on video here on the Broward Sheriff's Office website.

In the BSO release, the players are nicknamed according to their role. In the opening scene, "The Injured" opens a cooler and takes a swig of water before dropping to the ground. That attracts a couple of good Samaritans, including "The Lookout," who is talking on his cell phone -- but not to police; rather, he may be giving direction to one of his collaborators.

No sooner does the manager leave his office (that's him in the light blue shirt) then the third cast member, "The Thief," enters the minimart and goes straight to the manager's office to get the cash. After The Thief leaves, The Lookout gives the signal to The Injured, who has a miraculous recovery.

They did not make a curtain call, but if no one can identify these three Laurence Oliviers, then you can look forward to an encore performance at a minimart near you.

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