Amber Alert: Where's the Blond?

It seems pretty clear that Tribune Co.'s groundbreaking new morning show is already getting seriously tweaked. A third of the SouthFlorida.Com Live host team, one Amber Lyon, has mysteriously disappeared from the show. At first, she was supposedly sick (on June 8, she complained on Twitter, "hoping to nip this cold in the bud so I can work tomorrow!"). I think she came back after that for a show or two but then disappeared again. The tell-tale sign that it might be permanent sick leave is that Dave Aizer and Kristin Anderson rather rudely never mentioned their fallen comrade, even though she would come back like a ghost in some promos and prerecorded interviews. Now the remaining pair are doing promos without Amber, and, practically confirming she's gone for good, Amber hasn't Twittered since June 14, when she was apparently quite healthy ("Cycling from Sobe to Bal Habour [sic]... beautiful ride!!!!").

Lyon is actually a decent TV reporter (check out some clips here), but she never fit in on the morning show. But then again, neither does anyone else, and I think the show is strangely worse without her. Gone is the brimming-under-the-surface tension between her and Kristin that sometimes made the thing watchable. Amber would say something off the wall and the more polished (too polished?) Kristin would be like, "Dumb bitch!" Only she wouldn't say it; she would think it. It seemed destined for an oiled-up cage match to the death. Anyway, I leave you with a drinking game idea recently sent the Pulp's way by John Reid:

You know what would be a great idea? Tivo the morning show and run it at night as a drinking game. Anytime they do something that makes you ashamed to be a journalist, take a shot.

Like referring to Alex Sink as a man.

Or having that movie reviewer speak. About anything. Ever.

Or having Sharp-Dressed John sing.

Guaranteed you'll be shitfaced within an hour. 

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