Amendment 6 Gets Voted Down; Women's Reproductive Privacy Is Protected

The GOPers in the Florida Legislature put Amendment 6 on the ballot this year and were roundly told to eat a crap sandwich by Florida voters.

Basically, voting YES on the amendment would have prohibited public funds for abortions, drastically limiting access to safe abortion care as well as limiting private insurance coverage for Florida women.

The Protect Florida Taxpayers and Parental Rights Group tried to frame the amendment around the "parental consent issue" that was listed in the measure. But had the amendment passed, women's rights to reproductive "privacy" would have been severely messed with.

And, because this is Floriderp and we're a state mostly run by Consevetard assclowns, the amendment would have allowed pathways to more abortion restrictions, like mandatory ultrasound laws, gestational bans on abortion, and mandatory waiting periods before abortions. This could also have been a gateway to overturning Roe v. Wade.

Of course, those who are mad about the decision will cry and moan about the BABY KILLERS, but the fact remains that the amendment's wording was deceitful in its presentation (SHOCKING!).

"It's trying to frighten people that there is public funding of abortion, which there is not in Florida," Dierdre Macnab, president of Florida's League of Women Voters, said about the amendment. "It's disguising the fact that this is about taking away the right to privacy and possibly putting women's lives in danger."

Said Nancy Northup, president and CEO at the Center for Reproductive Rights, in a statement:

We commend the voters of Florida for joining what has become a national movement to wholly reject these attacks on reproductive freedom and to demand stronger protections for reproductive rights. By preserving women's reproductive rights under the Florida state constitution, women and families will continue to have all options available to them so they can make the best health care decisions for their circumstances.

All the BABY KILLER shouting loud noises miss the fact that women's personal and private medical decisions are no place for meddling politicians.

It's enough already with the Todd Akins of the world and their From what I understand from doctors, if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down derp derp bullshittery. 

Richard Mourdock too.

Akin and Mourdock both lost last night.

As did Amendment 6.

It needed 60 percent to pass. It got only 43 percent.

"Ladyfolk can vote?" Akin and the proponents of the amendment probably asked.

They then probably added, "Ah SHIT!"

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