Amid National Recession, There's Nothin' Like Titanic Luxury

Don't call it the Titanic, but there's a new history-making ship soon to make a posh premiere in Fort Lauderdale. On December 1, Royal Caribbean's $1.2 billion, 5,400 passenger Oasis of the Seas will cruise out of Port Everglades. Nearly four football fields long, boasting 18 decks, with a crew of 2,165 and the capability to accommodate 1,600 extra guests, it will be the world's largest-ever cruise ship.

As you can see from the virtual tour above, it's gonna be a real Poseidon adventure, complete with themed neighborhoods, ranging from Central Park with live greenery (minus the lurking pervs), to a Boardwalk with carnival rides and Coney Island-style fortune tellers (only not as creepy -- Brooklynites, you know?).

Loft suites are taken to a new level of luxurious, with two-story cabins, and the bar scene hits an all new high -- literally -- with The Rising Tide Bar, taking patrons (hopefully not hitting an all-time low of inebriation) on an elevator ride up and down the scenic vessel.

For kids, there's a science lab and Crayola-sponsored art studio. For teens, there's shops and an exclusive spa. For health nuts, there's a state-of-the-art fitness facility with cafes that cater special dietary meals. And for women straight out of the delivery room, a nursery.

The lowest advertised price for the inaugural December 5 Oasis cruise is $1,399 per person (plus taxes and other fees).

From Fort Lauderdale, the ship will visit Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands; Phillipsburg, St. Maarten; and Nassau, Bahamas. A circuit that pretty much guarantees the vessel will steer clear of icebergs.


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