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Amy Fisher Moving to Florida: Five Facts About Palm Beach's Newest Pile of Human Trash

South Florida is littered with washed-up celebrities, from Vanilla Ice to Donald Trump. And while it's easy to riff on these past-their-prime peddlers of spectacle, they at least possess a modicum of some redeeming quality. In other words, they're not total failures.

But the newest edition to Palm Beach's gaggle of crazy, Amy Fisher, is simply the worst of the worst. Fisher, who just purchased a $575,000 crib in Wellington, so severely outtrashes every other celebrity in the Sunshine State -- and probably the U.S. -- that we had to compile a list of tawdry facts to remind readers how awful the "Long Island Lolita" really is. From shooting a woman in the face to getting pigeonholed in cougar porn, here's everything you need to know about Amy Fisher.

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Chris Sweeney