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An Email and Eggelletion

Here are the kinds of things I get in my email box these days. It's abridged slightly:


hi bob,

i'd like to keep my name private for obvious reasons. but what i can tell you that i was a former long time employee of Bova Prime and was there from the transformation from riley's to bova. i read some of your articles and wanted to weigh in somebody with perspective. im sick of seeing rosenfeldt putting on a crying face. i would watch him, ovi, and scott sit outside of bova smoking cigars and drinking for hours ... he knew exactly what was going on and was not a saint himself. i dont want to say much about ovi other than he was a guy that many people feared without him really saying alot. i did witness one time when a valet lost his keys him pulling out a cigar cutter and asked him if he wanted his finger cut off with

it, and to find his fucking keys. i would watch him sit there all day with scott mostly as well as scotts rhabbi (sp?) talking with scotts bodyguards sitting the next table over. ovi was just not a business owner and he never carried himself that way. scotts parents where rarely there but his uncle "bill" was there everyday also. it was the same people always out front everyday. i was trusted enough with a little information here and there ... i was told numerous times to take care of certain people who ended up being involved in organized crime from new york to israel even al capone's sons were friday and saturday night regulars! the bova family on the other hand i do not believe knew what was going on to the extent. they were very nice hard working people and have never seen tony involved with scott, their communication was very little. if you want more info let me know, keep going regardless. your just cracking the surface...



That's what's called raw intelligence. One thing that's consistent: The people who work at the restaurants for and with Tony Bova always seem to respect him even as they trash everybody else. That reflects very well on the guy.

-- Also I would be remiss if I didn't mention the fact that former Broward County Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion is pleading guilty to federal money-laundering charges. That's a very good thing (though I'm sure his maestro, Judy Stern, isn't very happy about it). The feds already have Fitzroy Salesman and Joel Williams heading to trial, which can't be welcome considering the supposedly massive Rothstein investigation and a whole lot left to do, presumably, in the Broward corruption probe. Beverly Gallagher has been holding back, but you just have to expect that her attorney, Dave Bogenschutz, will talk sense to her in the end. The case against her seems airtight; she tried to fix contracts and took money, including a famous couple of grand that she stuffed in a doggy bag.

Another thing about Eggelletion: He must be spilling some incriminating stuff on some people to get the best deal possible. So yet more folks are shaking in their boots. I'm going to try to follow this closely. I'm going to leave you with the public apology. It's like music to my ears, since I uncovered a lot of corruption on this guy (as did Elgin Jones of the South Florida Times).

More coming.

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