An Idea for the Democrats in the Senate Race: One-on-One Hoops, for All the Marbles

Seriously, wouldn't that be fun? Kendrick Meek versus Dan Gelber. Both were college athletes in another sport: Meek played linebacker at Florida A&M, while Gelber rowed for the crew team at Tufts University. And yes, I know that linebacker translates better to basketball and that at age 42 Meek is six years closer to his athletic prime than is Gelber. But before the state senator makes his decision, he should watch the video below, from, of Congress members including Meek playing in a charity game against law professors.

Just after the minute mark, Meek's fruitless dunk attempt. Just after the two minute mark, Meek airballs a free throw, then flops on the baseline. And after the five minute mark, Meek concedes, "If I have to sit on the bench for the rest of the game for us to win, I'm ready to do that." (The congressmen won.)


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