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An Interview With the Wife of a Victim

Lately, there has been little news about last month's most breathlessly covered local story -- the two British tourists who were killed when a drag-racing Porsche lost control and struck them as they walked along Seabreeze Boulevard.

I haven't been able to find an article with more recent information than this one, which revealed that while Ryan LeVin (left) owned the Porsche, police are looking for his friend, Derek Cook of Tamarac, who LeVin says was driving the car when it slid off the road.

This morning, Janet Watkinson, the former wife of Ken Watkinson and mother of his two children, e-mailed responses to my questions.

Do you believe LeVin's statement to police, that he wasn't driving?
It's hard to know who or what to believe. We just hope the police can determine the truth.

Do you know whether police have been able to find and question Derek Cook? What have they told you about their efforts to find him?
We've had no contact with the police. We just keep checking the web to find the latest updates.

Are you satisfied with the job that Fort Lauderdale Police have done in trying to bring the driver of that Porsche to justice?
The police are no doubt doing their best to find out the truth.

Will you or any other members of your family take legal action against LeVin or his family?

Nothing could ever replace the children's dad.

I believe that shortly after the accident, LeVin's family released a statement to your family and the Elfords, expressing its regret. Have you heard from the LeVins since? Have you been contacted by Cook's family?

We've had no contact with either family.

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