Ana Goes Down (To Civil)

So Chief Judge Victor Tobin announced Friday that Chief Criminal Judge Ana Gardiner was being moved (at her own request, of course) out of her position to become a judge in the civil division.

This comes a month after my story on Gardiner's improper relationships with lawyers who appear before her was published -- and a couple weeks after one of the lawyers named, veteran homicide prosecutor Howard Scheinberg, announced he was leaving the State Attorney's Office.

So the fallout continues. I would link the story in the Sun-Sentinel -- which claims to cover the courthouse -- on the saga, but, uh, there isn't one. Note to the Sentinel: Just because you ignore something doesn't mean it will go away. (I don't expect it from the rapidly contracting Miami Herald, which really doesn't cover the courthouse anymore on any sustained level).

There was a story today in the Daily Business Review on the move, but it failed to mention the elephant in the room, proving again that that newspaper, which once was damn good, is in steady decline. I'd link it, but there's no link. JAABlog, also known as the courthouse hearth, reprinted some of it, so you can go here to see it. For more reaction on "the blog," as many lawyers simply call it, click here.

Here's a line from the DBR story: "Gardiner takes over for retiring Judge Barry Goldstein in civil court."

Now here's where it really gets, well, hilarious. Click here and look at the name of the defendant and then check out the judge on the case.

I've said it before: You gotta love this town.

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