Ana Knew Better

When you report stories, there are some facts you report and some you don't. Sometimes they don't add to the story, sometimes they aren't 100 percent nailed down, sometimes you have strategic reasons to hold them back until later.

Well, in this case, I just forgot to put it in the story. The article in question is "Judging Ana" which some of you have been clamoring for on this blog during the past couple weeks. Well if you read JAABlog, you know it's out. If not, click above to read it. Also, read this for a little back story on my interview attempt with Gardiner.

The fact in question is a remark Sheila Alu says Gardiner made on the phone before they met at Timpano's. Alu says that Gardiner told her on the phone, "I'm with someone I'm not supposed to be with."

That someone was prosecutor Howard Scheinberg. Read the article and you'll know the significance.

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