And Now a "Fair and Balanced" a Report From Yesterday's Tea Party

Hey, remember that delightful Coral Springs lady who took a shine to Sarah Palin, launched a blog for her, and -- perhaps because this was so patently absurd -- received some media coverage for it? And then some media coverage about that media coverage?

Well, you won't believe this, but she was at the tea party thing yesterday. If that shocked you, then you'll be flabbergasted to know she pronounced it a "huge success." A bit of hyperbole, that. Success = a bunch of sign-waving hooligans congregating. Huge success = "By executive order of the U.S. President, tea party protesters will no longer be taxed. And I hereby abdicate my throne. All yours, King Ron Paul and Queen Sarah Palin."

Anyway, free speech, equal time and all that. With commenters jumping down the throat of Michael Mooney for his coverage being allegedly tainted by "agenda," I thought it only fair to offer a link to a genuine rally girl, Tami, from Moms4SarahPalin, who gives a report every bit as objective as you can expect on Fox News.

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