And Now the Rubio-Crist Video Deathmatch

With their first debate coming up Sunday on Fox News, both Republican senatorial campaigns have released new and nasty videos about each other, as have interest groups with a horse in the race. Put on your poncho and get ready for some mud-slingin'!

First, a superscary video about the dystopian future that awaits Florida if voters elect Marco Rubio:

Love the kettle drum!

And you only use a kettle drum to herald the arrival of the anti-Christ.

But Rubio's an anti-Christ who has always been pro-life, and Rubio's campaign is eager to point out that Crist is only a recent convert to the right (Right!) side of this moral issue.

Of course, the lowest video blow was struck earlier this month during Crist's appearance on Greta Van Susteren's Fox News show. Will we hear the phrase "back wax" during Sunday's debate?

Here's a risky one by Rubio, who dares to enlist that dreaded chant from the Obama campaign as a way to make his point.

For Sunday's debate, the pressure's on Crist, who seems much better at playing with a lead than playing catch-up. The most favorable poll I've seen shows him down by 11 points.

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