And The Thanksgiving Day Weeper Award Goes To...

In light of John DeGroot's essay-rant on Plight of the Poor stories yesterday, I must bring attention to the Miami Herald website this morning, where this "Miami Herald Wish Book" story is leading the page. The headline: "Readers Make Holiday Wishes Come True." And the Herald's photograph, reproduced above, not includes a wheelchair (which DeGroot all but predicted for us) but also a cute, cute dog. Brilliant is all I can say.

The Sun-Sentinel also got in the act this morning, with a front-page-dominating package about an aging volunteer who needs a ride to the halfway house where he does good works for "young criminals."

And filling up about half of the Palm Beach Post's front page was this tear-jerker was a bit more news-oriented. It's about slain BSO Deputy Chris Reyka's family coping with their loss and includes a plea for donations to the Sheriff's Foundation of Broward County.

So, after much deliberation, the Pulp's first annual "Thanksgiving Day Weeper Award" goes to ... the Miami Herald. Putting it over the top (literally and figuratively) wasn't the Disney-inspired headline or the crucial wheelchair shot. It was the dog.

We know, however, this is only the beginnning. The holiday season has just begun. To the Sentinel and Post, I suggest that they give us, in the spirit of Bruce Dickinson, more wheelchair.

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