And What's With The Royal We?

Thought you could pick up the morning Herald without having to read about old people lubing it up and banging each other like two actors from a 20-year-old movie? Think again:

We won't lie and tell you that life begins at 50, but we will you this: Many people have the best sex of their lives after 50.

Maybe it's because the kids are gone and you have all the time in the world to re-create that steamy kitchen counter scene from Fatal Attraction, not the one with the rabbit, the other, sexy one. Or maybe it's because you communicate well. She's not ashamed to tell him she needs lubricant, and he's not embarrassed to tell her he needs some physical stimulation to obtain an erection.

I don't know. Yuck.

And then there's the story on the Sun-Sentinel site about medicinal marijuana. Specifically, the question is posed: How much pot should a pot smoker smoke if a pot smoker could smoke pot? Well, one professor says a 60-day supply of 4.5 pounds should do it. Yeah, POUNDS.

"Some people are better smokers than others," the professor, Gregory T. Carter, explains.

I guess so. That's nearly an ounce and a quarter a day.

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