Andre Beadle, Publix Security Guard, Scores a Third Sexual Battery Accusation

Andre Miguel Beadle -- a 35-year-old security guard at a Fort Lauderdale Publix grocery store arrested last week after allegedly sexually assaulting two women during their first dates with the man -- has landed another allegation of sexual battery.

Beadle now faces six charges, according to the Broward Sheriff's Office, including four related to sexual battery, one kidnapping, and one simple battery.

The sheriff's office says this all started when a woman came to them saying she arranged a date with Beadle after meeting him while he was working his shift at the Publix store. Police say he picked the woman up for a dinner date a week later and then told the woman he had to stop by his apartment so he could change clothes.

When they arrived at Beadle's apartment, the cops say Beadle became "sexually aggressive" with the woman and ended up sexually battering her before dropping her off back at her place.

While the cops were investigating that allegation, another woman came forward to police with her own story of her first date with Beadle.

The sheriff's office says Beadle invited the woman and her 3-year-old daughter to his apartment in Tamarac for dinner.

Beadle then told the woman they had to eat in his bedroom because he had no furniture. Once in the bedroom, the sheriff's office, says Beadle "put the victim in a headlock and told her that he could snap her neck, that he has killed before and has no problem doing it again."

Police say Beadle proceeded to pull a blanket over himself and the woman and sexually assaulted her with the 3-year-old girl in the room.

After the sheriff's office announced Beadle's arrest in those two cases, they announced that they believed there may be other alleged victims and asked that anyone come forward if they had a similar experience as the other two women alleged against Beadle.

The cops say another woman came forward on Monday.

The woman told police that when she showed up at Beadle's apartment, he starting taking his clothes off and placed his gun on the couch, according to a police report.

The woman said she was then sexually assaulted by Beadle, who told her that she wanted him to "have his baby."

The third alleged attack happened about two weeks after the first two, which took place within days of each other.

Beadle was being held in the Broward County Jail on $300,000, and he'll remain there after being denied the opportunity to post bond with the addition of the new charges.

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