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Andy Roddick Sues a Leukemia Charity for $100,000

What's the best way to top off a middling and Dave Matthews Band-filled career of harrumphs and hair gel?

Sue a charity.

The recently retired Andy Roddick, who went to high school in Boca Raton and was the sport's most stalwart bro, has done just that.

Last September, after Roddick got booted from the U.S. Open by Juan Martin del Porto in the fourth round, Nick Lachey Andy Roddick agreed to play a tennis match against the founder of Miracle Match Foundation -- and former tennis pro -- Bill Przybysz, who had survived leukemia.

According to the lawsuit, which was first reported by Courthouse News, Roddick had received two checks for $50,000 to play the match, but then, a few days afterward, both of the checks bounced.

So Roddick put on some O.A.R., tipped his hair with some highly potent gel product, climbed into a Lacoste polo, and sued a charity fighting to defeat cancer because he wanted his money.

Andy Roddick, you make our heart go pitter patter.

The lawsuit, filed in Dallas County Court, says the alleged behavior of the Michigan-based charity amounts to theft, breach of contract, and fraud.

To the dude's credit, however, Miracle Match does appear to have the nasty habit of being a charity that doesn't give any money to charitable things. Apparently, its 2004 financial statements with the IRS show Miracle Match spent only $3,600 on "sick kids" while displaying a negative balance of $377,000.

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