The Fort Lauderdale Tea Party is out at gun shows rousing its base to come out for an April 15 tax day protest planned at the federal courthouse to favor a government shutdown -- and they are promising an appearance by Congressman Allen West. 

Angry Local Tea Party to Rally for Government Shutdown

The Tea Party is hopping mad that, as its local leader Gabe Carrera (pictured at right above with a rifle-wielding like-minder) put it, that House Leader John Boehner "caved in" to the "Democrats' unreasonable demands" and failed to shut down the government. 

On his new Tea Party website, 912Warroom.com, Carrera ranted about the anger over the deal struck to avert the government shutdown that was being threatened by Republicans. 

"Talking to the attendees of the Fort Lauderdale gun show there is an anger that rise beyond the temperature of our sun," Carerra wrote. "As Craig, Ed, Patrick and myself promoted the Tax Day Protest people took stacks of invites to hand out to their friends and clubs. I kept hearing the same old question.....'why did they compromise? They promised 
us $100 Billion in cuts and only delivered $34 Billion.' Although this is bad for the country, the speaker of the House's action may have reignited the fire under the American's political feet."

​The Tea Party already claims it has the only real patriots in the country, and now it looks like Carrera -- an immigration lawyer by day whose kids are in a state-subsidized health care program -- and his rag-tag band of political mercenaries want to claim they are the only real Americans too. 

"Well, here we are on Sunday and the atmosphere of those attending the gun show is one of anger, disappointment, and they want pay back," Carrera wrote. "I have been working the gun show for many years helping push Marco Rubio, Allen West and other important candidates to get into office. I have established relationships with people. These same people come up to me and ask mi in total disgust, 'what is the next step? How do we make sure this does not happen again?' TAX DAY RALLY!" 

The misspellings and grammar problems are Carrera's. 

​-- The Sun-Sentinel's Nicole Brochu wrote a powerful piece about the assisted suicide movement in today's paper. Read it here. Funny, the "freedom-loving" right wing in this country is against basic freedoms for women and against the right to die with dignity. Oh -- and against the right to wear baggy pants too.

-- UPDATED: BSO Sgt. John Goodbread and his wife, Heather, pictured above, bonded out of jail over the weekend on charges of doctor shopping for oxycodone. 

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