Ann Coulter Thinks We're Bombing Egypt (Video)

Local conservative provocateur Ann Coulter appeared on Real Time With Bill Maher last night, sparring with the Hollywood-elite comedian at every opportunity. The two are "friends" in real life (Maher introduced Coulter as "my first wife," and the two reportedly meet for lunch from time to time). But on the show, it was Coulter's antigovernment railing versus Maher's someone-please-explain-the-teabaggers: comedy gold.

Coulter interrupted Maher's closing monologue, but she didn't really put her foot in her mouth until Overtime, the extra question-and-answer bit after the show that HBO relegates to its website.

There was talk of war and supporting wars. Then Coulter asked Maher, "What do you think about Libya and Egypt?"

"What about them?" asked Maher.

"Are you in favor of us intervening in those countries for purposes of regime change?"

"First of all, I didn't think we were intervening in Egypt," said Maher.

"Well, dropping bombs or something!" pleaded Coulter.

The panel, including Chris Hayes of The Nation and MSNBC, erupted in protest. "No, not in Egypt!" Coulter was like the school kid who gave the wrong answer and was obnoxiously called out in unison by her wiseass classmates.

Maher clarified, "No Egypt. No Egypt bombs, no. Just Libya bombs."

"But we were threatening to which is why Mubarak left!" argued Coulter.

"No, we never threatened. No, no," said Maher.

Coulter gave up the fight at that point. She's probably glad that this wa seen by only a handful of bored Friday-night HBO addicts... but then again, she might play it off as some vicious liberal-media sleight of hand.

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