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Anna Nicole Raid Scares Methadone-Using Gamblers, Friendless Condoleezza Rice 'Glad it's Over'

The Drug Enforcement Agency, as part of the investigation into Anna Nicole Smith's death at the

Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, conducted another raid on her doctor's office recently. Dr. Sandeep Kapoor reportedly wrote prescriptions for methadone to Smith's alias, Michelle Smith, and authorities are investigating whether the good doc did anything wrong. Now sure, we should all support the search for truth in a death investigation, but there's a totally scary side to this. If authorities begin to look into everyone at the casino who has fake prescriptions to methadone, well, let's just say they won't have my nickels at the slots anymore.

After the jump, solve that friendless problem on your Facebook page by friending an unloved forclosure attorney.

Foreclosure Firm Hopes Somebody will be its Friend

The lawfirm of Oppenheim Pilelsky P.A. is proud to announce its new social networking project, which aims to find virtual friends for an industry that is roundly hated right now. The firm is launching pages on Twitter, YouTube, and Yelp. It's true that this effort is like walking into a Dolphins bar with not only a Jets jersey on but also a banner that says "Dan Marino Eats Baby Seals." Just the same, I'm personally going to send a friend request to Oppenheim Pilelsky. I'm thinking in advance here, people, because I'll need all the friends I can get after that bust for fake methadone prescriptions.

Condoleezza Rice 'Glad it's Over,' May Not Be Alone Anymore

If you're like me and hate hope, then you'll also hate the Barack Obama Official Year of Hope. And that means you must also think of Condoleezza Rice in the same way you think of fresh-baked cookies, sleeping kittens, insurgents with flowers, and nickel slots. If that's all true, then you'll be interested to know that Rice told a Palm Beach audience that when she thinks of the Bush administration, she's "glad it's over."

See, critics of the Bush administration? Rice does have a soul after all. And now maybe somebody on Facebook will become her friend.

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