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Anna Nicole's Ghost Appears on TV, West Palm Company Starts El Facebook

A couple of years after her death in Hollywood, Anna Nicole Smith was back recently. She spoke from the grave to kinda famous medium

around on her TV when she was told to stop on one channel, like some cosmic hand that came down and pressed pause on her TiVo. The channel was showing a piece on Smith, who then appeared before Occhino.

The reality TV star gave Occhino some messages for her friends and family -- stuff I honestly forgot right after reading about it -- and also rejected the idea that she committed suicide at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino.

She didn't give away any other secrets, like "The Pick 4 numbers are ... " or "These are the rainforest plants that cure cancer ... " But Occhino says Smith may come back again, which is convenient for the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, because they're giving away a grand prize this weekend where the winner gets to meet the ghost of Anna Nicole Smith.

After the jump, I make a desperate attempt to get the attention of that clerk at Dunkin' Donuts.

Dunkin' Fights Florida Gangs, Denies Me Caffeine

The world's best coffee shop, Dunkin' Donuts, has generously made a $15,000 donation to help fight Florida gangs. The donation is in response to the spate of robberies back in November and further proves that the folks at Dunkin' Donuts care.

This may sound like Dunkin' paid for this plug, or that I'm trying to get free donut holes, but the truth is I'm just hoping that woman behind the counter will finally recognize that I'M NEXT IN LINE AND NOT THAT OTHER GUY! Sorry for all those caps, but I seriously need a large coffee with a Splenda and OH GOD, NOT AGAIN!

Local Company Unleashes "Eñe" on Social Networking

A West Palm Beach company is launching a Latino version of Facebook, which is sort of like Facebook but with chips and salsa. The company is called Quepasa Corporation, which translates, I think, to Trying Desperately to Appeal to Latinos Corporation.

Student Suing Over Cyberbullying Suspension Has Awesome Update

Speaking of Facebook, Katherine Evans, the former Pembroke Pines student who's suing her school after she was suspended for posting a nasty message about her teacher on Facebook, has landed in The New York Times. It isn't clear if such coverage will help her case, but today, Katherine Evans is going to have the best Facebook update ever.

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