Annoyed Groundskeeper Shoots Ducks With High-Powered Rifle

A Delray Beach groundskeeper was arrested for going all Carl Spackler on some ducks at the apartment complex where he works.

Maintenance supervisor Scott Jensen, 48, was arrested and charged after he went up onto a rooftop and started taking out ducks with a high-powered rifle like a sniper.

The main reason, according to police, was that Jensen got tired of constantly cleaning the ducks' feces from the apartment complex grounds.

Also, the main reason was that he was drunk.

Jensen allegedly used things from a storage room in the apartment complex for target practice, including paper and broken appliances.

But on the night of November 19, training was complete. It was go time. Those ducks had shat their last deck at Jansen's apartment complex.

Just after 9 p.m., two residents of the rental community noticed a man dressed in black on the roof of the complex who was crouched in a military tactical stance.

He then began firing his rifle toward the lake where the ducks congregate. 

Residents immediately called police.

Cops searched the complex and eventually made their way up to the roof where Jensen was taking out ducks like Oswald.

According to the report, Jensen's rifle was equipped with a long-range scope. He also had a .22-caliber nitrogen-propelled pellet rifle (also with a scope), a backpack, a jacket, and a couple of flashlights.

Oh, and he had six bottles of Miller beer.

Scott Jensen was not fucking around. When cops interviewed him, he showed no remorse, telling them he was annoyed and had grown "tired of cleaning up the duck feces."

Jensen confessed to shooting at least 13 ducks in all.

However, police found only two dead ducks on the grounds near the lake. According to the report, it is unknown what happened to the other ducks (a clue might be they ran for their lives because some asshole was shooting a high-powered rifle in their direction!).

Police also noted that Jensen was clearly intoxicated and determined to rid the ducks from the complex.

Duck Rambo was booked in the Palm Beach County Jail. He was released the next day.

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