Another Management Shake-Up, This One At Sun-Sentinel

Sun-Sentinel Deputy Managing Editor Pat Thompson, who oversaw the features department, has left the newspaper.

Earl Maucker announced Thompson's departure in a staff-wide email today that also included news of a "restructuring" of the newsroom to create a "quicker and deeper alignment of print and digital journalism." It just looks like is a heavily bureaucratic reshuffling of the deck chairs, but that's just me. Here you go:  

From: Thompson, Leesa O
Sent: Fri 3/20/2009 11:55 AM
To: zzSSC.Division.Editorial
Subject: An announcement from Earl

After a lot of careful thought, today we are announcing a restructuring of our newsroom to promote a quicker and deeper alignment of print and digital journalism, a transition that will set the course for the future and ensure a fully integrated operation.

Philip Ward, Deputy Managing Editor/News, will become our Print Platform Manager. He will oversee six department heads, four of whom will become  Topic Managers. These topics will include Local News, (overseen by Dana Banker), Consumer/Business, (headed by Anne Vasquez), Entertainment/Going Out, (supervised by Gretchen Day-Bryant), and Sports, (overseen by Kathy Laughlin). Philip will report directly to me.

Arnie Rosenberg, Gail DeGeorge and Cyndi Metzger will remain in their current positions and report to Philip.

Joe Schwerdt, DME/Online, will be the Digital Platform Manager.  Joe will continue to report both to me and to Jeff Levine, VP/Online Content-Florida.  Joe and Philip will work closely together to ensure that all newsroom content is produced and appropriately targeted for all platforms.

Tim Frank, DME/Visuals and Creative Director, will continue to oversee design, graphics and visuals.  He will report directly to me.

Willie Fernandez, DME/Chief of Copy Desks, will take on an expanded role as Production Manager and Night Supervisor, working closely with Philip, Joe and Tim to make sure all content is processed for all platforms. He will report to me.

Antonio Fins, Editorial Board Editor, will continue his role as supervisor of our institutional voice, but also will assume responsibility as Opinions Topics Manager for several additional areas of interest for all platforms.  He will continue to report directly to me as well.

Research Center Manager/Training Editor Gail Bulfin will also report to me.

Unfortunately, I am saddened to tell you that Pat Thompson has left the company.  For more than five years, Pat distinguished herself as a driving force for change at the Sun Sentinel.  Her exceptional planning abilities and commitment to quality journalism will be missed.

In the weeks ahead we will be taking additional actions that will move us further into the digital world and enable us to continue responding quickly to the changing demands of an increasing competitive media market. 

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