Another Reason You Should Visit Grandma More Often

So the sweet old lady can call bullshit on the Canadian con men who have been targeting Tamarac seniors, according to Broward Sheriff's Office:

Scam artists working out of Canada are contacting seniors and pretending to be their "Grandchildren". These scammers state that they are stranded, in jail or have been involved in some type of accident and need money wired to them immediately. The caller is adamant about not getting a return call and about not contacting any other family members. Typically, any request to wire money through Western Union or Money Gram should be seen as a red flag and an immediate tip-off that the call may be part of a scam.

How many grandmother victims will it take to finally convince Obama it's time to invade Canada? Until then, BSO suggests:

If you believe that you or a neighbor has been victimized by this scam immediately report the incident to B.S.O. at (954) 765-4321. Additionally, if there has been a request to wire money to Canada, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Call Centre has established the PhoneBusters hotline and web site to report such fraud. Reports can be filed online through the PhoneBusters site.

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