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Anthony Weiner's Weiner Explodes All Over Twitter

Democratic Representative Anthony Weiner is either dumb or brilliant. Either way showing Gennette Cordova, a Seattle college student, his weiner was basically the money shot for his political career.

It's been over a week since Rep. Weiner tweeted a photo of his engorged manhood via public tweet to Cordova. Since then that photo, and the scandal that followed, has been cock-blocking any serious news that United States citizens could possibly be concerned about.

Twitter of course exploded with fourth grade humor (much of which is seen in the first two paragraphs of this post). And really what can you expect from a scandal that involves such a salacious last name? Are you listening Boehner?! Don't pull anything stupid.

Frankly all of the politicians who don't have phallic or sexual last names are breathing a sigh of relief. They might pull dumbass moves but at least headlines like TMZ's "Congresswoman's Woman -- Big Weiner Supporter" won't blow up on Google news.

While the political coverage is incredibly titillating we didn't feel it necessary to remind you guys about Weiner's weiner's controversy every step of the way. But wedo want to bring your attention to the clever community of Tweeters that have banded together in support of such a large controversy.

And hey, if you're feeling a little sassy, Rep. Weiner might enjoy a little return-photo-action: @RepWeiner. Enjoy.

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Devin Desjarlais