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Anti-Hate Group to Picket Islamic Group Fundraiser

You'd think an anti-hate group would show some love for people of a different race and religion. But this is the Orwellian irony of Americans Against Hate, which just announced that it will stage a demonstration outside the Broward County Convention Center, where the Council on American-Islamic Relations is having a fundraiser March 6.

The point is to pressure the county to single out CAIR, a nonprofit group, so it can be excluded from using public facilities. Says AAH chairman Joe Kaufman:

"Once again, Broward County is allowing this pro-terror extremist group to use the taxpayer-funded county convention center to host someone that the United States government claims was a party to a terrorist attack. It can only be inferred from this that the officials representing Broward are siding with and aiding America's enemies."
Positively, seething with anti-hate, isn't he?

And Kaufman has volunteered to personally finance the costs of whatever lawsuit would be filed by CAIR against the county, right? Um, well, no. He has not. Because that would be a damned expensive lawsuit. Frankly, I suspect the county would lose. I reckon Kaufman's happy to let the taxpayers pick up the bill for that.

But it's a great investment. Because nothing promotes love among different races and religions like a bunch of people standing outside your event accusing you of being a terrorist. Truly, an excellent demonstration of American tolerance and respect.

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Thomas Francis