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Anti-Medical Marijuana Group Insinuates Pot Cookies Will Be Used for Rape

The anti-medical marijuana group called "No on 2" has made a lot of noise about the supposed dangers of legalizing medical weed in Florida.

Some of its claims include that weed leads to gay sex and AIDS, weed has more cancer-causing compounds than cigarettes, weed causes more accidents and ER visits, and weed dispensaries will be the new pill mills.

But the latest argument is a bizarre mix of ignorance and bewilderment, soaked in offense. It's weird enough to be from the The Onion .

No on 2's latest claim: that Amendment 2 will lead to people being able to sell pot cookies, which would be the new date-rape drug.

Setting aside the colossal obtuseness of the claim for a minute, it's important to remember what is behind No on 2.


Big, big money.

Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson got things rolling for the anti-medical weed movement with an initial $2.5 million donation. Republican fundraiser Mel Sembler is also backing the group financially.

Then there's the Florida Sheriff's Association, which reportedly makes big money and stands to make more as long as marijuana remains illegal.

The Florida Sheriff's Association has been banging the drum on the same talking point -- that Amendment 2 is filled with legal loopholes -- since launching its anti-medical weed movement.

The group released a video ad that lays on the fear-mongering pretty thick, constantly suggesting that if Amendment 2 is passed, weed will ultimately be legalized in all forms everywhere in Florida.

"A vote for Amendment 2," Florida Sheriffs Association President Sheriff Grady Judd says in the video, "is a vote for legalizing marijuana forever in the state of Florida."

The group's other claims have been that there will be a rise in accidents and crime should marijuana be legalized.

All these arguments have been debunked time and again. But that hasn't stopped No on 2 from going strong to the hoop with its efforts to scare the crap out of people who may not know better.

The latest attempt at "educating" folks is the ol' "pot cookies are a date-rape drug" argument.

According to the group, all the numerous Amendment 2 loopholes will lead to people finding ways to sell pot cookies (not pot brownies, apparently) legally, and then dudes will buy them and feed them to their hapless lady friends so they can rape them.

Also, know who loves cookies? Children! What will become of the children when they get their hands on them pot cookies?

United for Care's campaign manager, Ben Pollara, told New Times: "If there was any doubt, the Florida Supreme Court has already ruled that the amendment will only be used in cases of debilitating illness. The purpose of the amendment is to allow the medical use of marijuana for individuals with debilitating diseases as determined by a licensed Florida physician."

But that's not stopping No on 2 from putting out stuff like this while being totally serious at the same time:

Aside from the atrocious Photoshop job, the ad is comically pathetic while still managing to be insanely offensive. That's tough to pull off, but No on 2 seems to have nailed it.

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