Anti-Semitic Schadenfreude in Palm Beach?

Rabbi Michael Resnick of Palm Beach's biggest synagogue, Temple Emanu-El, told a national TV news magazine that Bernard Madoff's fraud case has been a catalyst for wealthy anti-Semites in South Florida's most exclusive Zip Code.

Resnick's interview looks to be the centerpiece in tonight's edition of 20/20 (10 p.m. ET on WPLG, Channel 10). From the article that previews the telecast.

While the Rabbi says Jews live comfortably in Palm Beach and everyone gets along, "I think in certain circles there was probably some people saying good, they got what they deserved."

"By having Bernie Madoff and Judaism so closely linked, it is what we would call a 'hillul Hashem,' a desecration of God," Rabbi Resnick said. "Beyond just the hundreds of thousand of people who were impacted financially, this was a blow, a body blow to Judaism."

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