Apology Watch: Marlins Manager Expects Hanley Ramirez to Give Pre-Game "Sorry"

The Marlins open a series tonight in St. Louis, and manager Fredi Gonzalez sounded an optimistic tone that his star shortstop would finally form the word that the team's been waiting for: "Sorry."

ESPN quoted from an interview Gonzalez gave today to a local radio station:

"It's going to get resolved one way or the other today," Gonzalez said on WQAM radio. "... We'll take care of it and he'll be in the 3 hole and playing shortstop."

Gonzalez said that he wanted Ramirez to apologize to the team and that he wasn't holding out for a personal one a day after Ramirez remarked that Gonzalez was unqualified to manage since he'd never played in the majors.

But Ramirez, who last night watched from the bench as his lesser-paid teammates blew out the Arizona Diamondbacks, should be extra contrite with Gonzalez. That is, assuming he's smart enough to part ways with a little bit of that pride.


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