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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Creator Dave Willis Heads to Supercon

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How about you, were there any interviews that you did where you were just amazed you got to talk to that person?

Definitely Beck. You know, this was right before he really hit, but I remembered feeling how much talent he had and how he was going to be someone I would probably be tracking into my 60s. He's unique. And certainly Smashing Pumpkins were huge, huge, huge when we interviewed them. Just the fact that they were so big and we were given like five minutes to interview them in person... you really felt the crush of what it was like to be a huge rock star.

I guess you could say that Space Ghost was one of the first fake talk shows too.

Yeah, I think that's fair. Certainly we did the whole take-someone-off-guard-with-absurd-and-ridiculous-questions thing pretty early on.

And capture their blank stares ironically?

Yeah! We had a few unique elements. Editing [the guests] in a way that puts them in a compromising position was a big part of it.

Those Daily Show news magazine segments are pretty much Space Ghost to a T.

Sure, sure. Jon Stewart has stolen everything.

Oh, you're not a fan?

No, no, I'm kidding! I am a fan.

So switching gears to Aqua Teen, are you guys going to be doing a new season?

We're currently doing ten episodes, which will premiere in the spring. And the DVD of Volume Six is coming out in the middle of December, just in time for Santa. It's got four of the new episodes on the DVD, so basically nine that have been airing and four that won't air until the spring that are new episodes.

After the whole Boston [terrorism incident] concerning the Aqua Teen Hunger Force film, did that take anything away from you guys? Did you ever just stop and think, "I want to leave this here for a while?"

Matt [Maiellaro] and I were definitely a little burned on it, you know, after doing the movie. I think the episodes [that came after the film] were funny, but it's just very telling that the first three episodes of the year didn't have any of the main characters in them. (Laughs) If we had been able to accomplish what we thought we were going to try, we would've morphed it into an entirely different show but still retained the title. But then, I think it was nice that we left it for a while. I feel pretty good about this next run of shows. I think we were kind of burnt out on Space Ghost, and then we were sort of done with it. But I don't think we feel that way about Aqua Teen yet.

[Mr. Willis was unable to elaborate further regarding the Boston scare.]

That's good news. But to some degree you've tried to switch gears before, like cutting out Dr. Weird [who hasn't been in Aqua Teen since the movie].

Yeah, I think we just got burnt out on it. Why try to continue something out of a sense of nostalgia or tradition. Those are two of the worst things in the world.

It's kind of like when South Park stopped killing Kenny every episode.

Yeah. Just move on and do something different.

Was there ever a hang-up were you thought if we stop doing this, fans will not like it?

No, never.

For season four, you went with the Spacecataz thing for a while instead. Was that borne out of how big those characters [Ignignokt and Err] had gotten?

We were going to spin that off into a show. We wrote it as an episode and carved off those little pieces and tried to make them work as opens. It wasn't so much as a pilot as two sets of teenagers going at it in space...

...And ordering prank pizzas for each other.

Yeah, it's moronic! I still think it's a funny idea, though. I never understood why we didn't make it. If you see the opens as a whole episode, I think it holds up.

Do you have a favorite character, or one that's closest to your heart?

I love Meatwad, I think he's great. Carl to me is easy, because he makes me think of some of my dad's friends growing up. I wouldn't say they're my favorite, but... I do love the frat aliens, because they remind me of about a third of the people I went to college with. (laughs) Yeah, substitute the alien's dad's dealership with, ah... I think this guy I knew, his dad owned a candle factory...

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