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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Creator Dave Willis Heads to Supercon

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That's even more insignificant than a car dealership!

Absolutely more insignificant. But, I think our favorite is whatever we're working on at the moment.

So how different is doing Squidbillies from doing Aqua Teen?

It's definitely a different sensibility. It's specifically southern. Myself and Jim Fortier, the other writer/producer, grew up in the South -- in the same hometown actually. So I think we can appreciate the things that we know about the South as opposed to the whole Forrest Gump, Colonel Sanders, Foghorn Leghorn approach that most entertainment takes. I mean, I watched that HBO show True Blood, and that guy Alan Ball was supposed to have grown up in Marietta, and there's just no evidence that there's much of a southern touch to that show at all. Now, granted, we deal with the hardcore, meth lab-makin', glue-sniffin', dirt poor element. (laughs) I would never say that we are representing the South. But it is steeped in some reality. So yes, we make a very realistic cartoon. But it's a different process, different types of scripts and animation. It's more involved, and it's that much harder to put it together [than Aqua Teen]. But ultimately, both shows are good companion pieces.

Do you get to explore different ideas or sides of yourself between the two shows?

I think so. There's certainly ideas that wouldn't work for Aqua Teen that I might pitch as a Squidbilly idea and vice versa. I mean, Aqua Teen is probably a little more insane. There's maybe a slightly more fibrous connection to logic in Squids -- maybe. I mean, things don't explode when they hit the ground in that world.

Now is that exploding stuff a physical property of the Aqua Teen universe, or is that just something you guys came up with that stuck?

I don't know! I briefly thought it would be great if we did something where it was discovered that all the land was made of gasoline, but then I though that would be taking all the fun out of it. It's just classic comedy, that's all.

So why don't the characters explode then?

I don't know. (laughs) That's something for the fan fiction writers to find out. We'll leave it to them.

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