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Are School Board Members Calling Each Other "Bitch" on Post-It Notes?

Broward Beat reports that it's not all sunshine and roses among the nine women who make up the Broward School Board.

In fact, the site reports, it's just like the movie Mean Girls.

"That would be okay if they were only concerned with shoes, hair products and boys. Like high school," writes Buddy Nevins. "These Mean Girls vote on a billion dollar budget!"

He wrote of the "now infamous Post-It Note Incident."

According to Nevins, "two of the most recently elected Mean Girls... were gleefully passing a Post-It note back and forth on the dais earlier this year." Another member picked the note out of the trash and found that it called her a bitch. She made photocopies of the note and left them on the two women's desks.

None of the School Board members could be reached late Monday for comment. Superintendent Robert Runcie was likewise unavailable -- a spokesperson in the school system's Public Information Office took a message.

We'll update if we hear back.

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