Arrest(s) Coming in Rothstein Case

I'm hearing that something is going down in the Scott Rothstein case very soon. Might be as simple as the formal charging of Debra Villegas, might be more. In the meantime, I'm going to play the role of aggregator, which means I'm going to let other people do my work.

First, let's go to Jose Lambiet at the Palm Beach Post, who reported a rather gruesome story about the John Goodman crash that killed 23-year-old Scott Wilson. Seems rescuers somehow failed to find Wilson's body in the submerged car until it was lifted from the canal an hour after the crash. I'm left wondering: What else can go wrong with this investigation?

Next we have Paula McMahon's report on assistant U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Kaplan's response to the race-card play from Fitzroy Salesman attorney Jamie Benjamin. "This case is not about black or white. It is about another color: green," Kaplan wrote. 

For those of you wondering why it's taking the government so long to mete out justice in the Rothstein case, consider that Kaplan is heading that investigation as well. He's a very busy man.

And we have a scoop from the Miami Herald's Julie Brown in the Ben Novack case. The murder victim's wife, Narcy, apparently wanted to get Novack's Batmobile replica and several other vehicles but was rebuffed by the government. This is an insane case that I should probably be paying more attention to.

I'll leave with a link to Model Citizen's latest work. It's a hoot.


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