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Cam Wake Deserves to Be Recognized as an All-Time-Great Miami Dolphin

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Over the weekend, there were numerous reports that the Miami Dolphins have no plans to bring back Cam Wake. After 10 seasons, 146 games, and 98 sacks, it appears Wake will suit up for someone else this year. While the move isn't surprising since the Dolphins are in full rebuild mode under new coach Brian Flores, it still hurts.

Cam Wake will go down as one of the greatest Miami Dolphins of all time. He dominated during an era of weak Dolphins football, through countless coaches, regimes, and defensive philosophies.

Cam Wake always did everything the right way. He showed up to work and did what he did best — gave the Dolphins a fighting chance for a win. Whether it was against Tom Brady or the Bills' Josh Allen, he got after it, and most of the time he got it.

Cam Wake belongs in the Dolphins' Ring of Honor. His number 91 should be retired. And as he exits, he should be recognized as what he is — one of the greatest Miami Dolphins ever.

Over the weekend, the Dolphins cut wide receiver Danny Amendola, defensive end Andrew Branch, and offensive lineman Ted Larsen. This makes it clear the new management — led by general manager Chris Grier — is hell-bent on cleaning up the salary cap. It's also rumored they're trying hard to trade defensive end Robert Quinn. And the team is certain to move on from Ryan Tannehill soon.

The Dolphins are unloading any contract or player who isn't part of future plans. This team is more about 2022 than 2019. Unfortunately, Cam Wake is a 37-year-old defensive player who doesn't make sense right now.

That's OK. Every franchise eventually must move on, even from players once deemed indispensable. But the Dolphins and their fans should ensure Wake isn't treated like just any player as he leaves.

Cam Wake was a rock for the Dolphins. A mainstay in an ever-changing locker room. He was a player multiple regimes kept around. He dominated on the field despite major injuries and advancing age.

Wake is the Dolphins' Udonis Haslem. He just never had a Shaquille O'Neal, LeBron James, or Dwyane Wade. He was worthy of Super Bowl rings. If he had played for the Patriots this last decade, they'd probably have one more.

He always represented the Dolphins with class and integrity, even when everything around him was crashing to the ground. He deserved better, but he never complained or asked out.

Thank you, Cam Wake. We wish you the best. You're definitely not done in the league. Wherever you go next season, may you end up with a Super Bowl title. 
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