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As Robert Wexler Resigns, a Short List of His Best and Worst Moments

Boca Raton's Robert Wexler is expected to resign today after seven terms in Congress to join a Middle East think tank, and the group that will miss him the most is TV news producers. That's because Wexler has always found a way to say something so fiery, so lefty that the folks at Fox spend a day talking about an obscure Congressman from Boca.

So below, his top three moments in TV.

3. Calling for Dick Cheney's Impeachment
Wexler got national headlines for suggesting that the Bush administration's sith lord face a trial, and now, years later, we can all wonder why nobody listened.

2. Wexler Grills Alberto Gonzales
When a top White House official comes before Congress and lies his ass off, some representative ought to lose his shit questioning the guy. And that's exactly what

Wexler did.

1. Wexler on Colbert
Depending on your point of view, Wexler's appearances on Colbert either proved he has a sense of humor or completely made a fool out of a Congressman from Boca. His greatest spit-take moment came when he fell into Colbert's trap and said he liked cocaine and hookers. Wexler, you should know that those things are frowned upon at Middle East think thanks.

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