As Search for Horse-Killer Intensifies, Famous Horse-Hater Vanishes

Online, he's known as Glue Factory Bob. Also, Dog Food Dale -- either a sidekick or an alter ego. Or a twin, if the photographs he posted in his blog profile (left) are real, but they're probably a joke. So, too, did his blog seem like a joke after it launched in 2005, became famous in 2007, and then disappeared in 2009.

It must be a joke, because how could someone actually hate horses? But now that a string of horse mutilations have hit South Florida, suddenly equine hatred seems much more serious. The story jumped to CNN today.

Glue Factory Bob's site, horsehater.blogspot.com, has been suspended, a development that another blogger first noticed in late June.

But you can still access Glue Factory Bob's profile page, which was a lot funnier before we conceived of someone killing horses for food or for a sick thrill.

Among his listed interests: "punching horses, turning horses into dog food, glue, etc."

His favorite movie is "any movie that has a horse get injured or shot."

Another possibility for the rash of crimes against horses: a local idiot who actually took the site seriously and decided he was going to act on his hatred.

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