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At Dolphins Game, Plane Flies Banner Calling for Ireland to Be Fired

So, apparently, yesterday at the Miami Dolphins game, some fans were so passionate that they decided to enlist an expensive method of getting their message across -- an airplane carrying a banner.

As broadcast on Twitter, fans could see this sign:

The banner calls for Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland to be fired: "Mr. Ross, we told you two years ago #fireireland"

Here's a clearer image from the Miami Herald:

According to Google, two bloggers paid to have a similar banner flown on New Year's Day 2012. Wait a sec... Turns out we know one of them -- Chris Joseph works a cubicle away -- but had no idea he could afford the $1,500 plane ad on a blogger's salary! (Joseph is currently away on vacation or we would quote him here.) Last time, Joseph and pal Roger Paul got donations to pay for the banner. Paul said on Twitter that it cost only $900 this year.

The Dolphins have been struggling for years and are under pressure now especially, given the locker room bullying scandal between Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito, which some people speculate may lead to the firing of the team's top brass. A bit of bright news for the team: The Dolphins won yesterday, 20-16 against the San Diego Chargers.

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