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At Fox News, Naughty Republicans Must Wear a Scarlet Letter

That's a screen grab from Fox News' recent coverage of disgraced Gov. Mark Sanford. Notice the single letter next to Sanford's name: "D" as in Democrat.

In fact, Sanford is a Republican. Now, I understand that typos happen -- this blog being the exception to the rule. But this is an extra-fishy typo, given Fox News' reputation for being the house band of the Republican Party and trashing Democrats whenever the opportunity arises.

And this is not even the first time that a disgraced Republican has been branded, post-scandal, with a Democrat I.D. As you can see on the right, former West Palm Beach Congressman Mark Foley also earned a D after he was caught having sexy chat sessions with teenaged pages.

Nice try, Fox News. But you can't fool us twice. That means the shame belongs to you.

[Hat tip: Donklephant]

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Thomas Francis