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At the Debate in Boca: Hip Hop and Bikinis, Megyn Kelly, John McCain, Free Budweiser...

... and it's only 4:00. We're finally on the internet here in the media center, where hundreds of journalists from around the world are already milling about, teetering on flimsy folding chairs, wrestling each other for spaces at the tiny work tables, and going absolutely berserk at the sight of John McCain talking on his cell phone. 

I'm tweeting throughout the day on @NewTimesBroward, and music editor Liz Tracy is chiming in over on @CountyGrind.

We stopped by a pool party for students earlier, where journalists were having a good time checking out the scenery:

Then we headed into the media center...

... where Megyn Kelly was prepping for Fox News primetime right next to the booth where the Obama team is staging its interviews. Then we stepped outside for some fresh air, and found a new Budweiser stand where they're testing three new flavors... on journalists. Good call.

Then we found a scrum of cameras blocking the entrance to the media hall, and found John McCain getting ready for an interview on the Romney stage, over on the opposite side of the room. 

Again, follow along on @NewTimesBroward for more, and we'll update you here on the blog throughout the evening. 

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